Nawaz and Bilawal’s parties will join hands against Imran, Maulana Rahman is also part of this front, first

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Islamabad3 hours ago

After November last year, once again a political challenge is coming in front of Imran Khan. The three big parties of the opposition have come very close to forming an alliance against them. (File)

  • Pakistan’s three big opposition parties are going to have an important meeting today
  • All the big leaders of Nawaz Sharif’s party reached Bilawal Bhutto’s house

The coming days can prove to be important in terms of the politics of Pakistan. Three major opposition parties have joined hands with the intention of removing Prime Minister Imran Khan from power. However, its formal announcement remains. Nawaz Sharif’s party (PML-N) and Bilawal Bhutto’s party (PPP) are meeting on Monday. The third party is Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman’s Jamiat-ul-Islami. In November last year, Maulana also created problems by taking out a march for Imran. However, it was later withdrawn suddenly.

What’s happening right now
On Monday, a team of PML-N leaders reached Bilawal Bhutto’s house. Discussions on the strategy for the removal of Imran began. According to Geo News, information about the conversation will not be given to the media yet. The attempt is to form an all-party alliance.

How did the equation
The Imran government is running a case against all big leaders of PML-N and PPP by making allegations of corruption. Nawaz and Zardari have also been sent to jail. According to some reports, provincial level leaders have been implicated in cases of false drug smuggling. However, both the parties claim different views. But, they are united against Imran.

A phone is done
Recently, Bilawal Bhutto called Nawaz’s brother Shahbaz to know the condition of his health. There was a long talk. There was a right, but consensus, on uniting political matters. When Maulana was aware of this, he contacted both the leaders. Alliance plan made. Jailed Zardari also agreed. Now Bilawal is coming to Lahore from Islamabad soon. Will talk to Shahbaz.

The army will not be able to stop
If the three parties come together, it will be very difficult for the army to save Imran. The strongest province is Nawaz in Punjab and PPP is strong in Sindh. Imran is only powerful in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The people of Punjab hold most of the creamy positions of Army and Civil Administration. Therefore, it would be very difficult for the Imran government to suppress the voice from Punjab and Sindh. On the other side are Maulana. He is religiously respected. There are millions of followers.

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