Netflix plans to prevent users from sharing passwords

Netflix plans to prevent users from sharing passwords

“If you do not live with the owner of this profile, you need your own account,” remarks a message that has started to appear on the portal. The company wants to prevent accounts from being shared.

To date, Netflix accounts allow us to include up to five different users, without restricting the number of devices that are logged in. As you can imagine, this has ended up giving rise to many users deciding to share their passwords with many people, sharing subscription costs. But the streaming company, with more than 200 million subscribers, Hollywood Reporter reports, is testing a new feature that promises to end all of this.

The new feature has started to appear in the United States as an alert message that has scared and worried many users. When they try to access someone else’s account, a small pop-up appears that clearly warns them: “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to continue viewing . 

Although the app offers us the option of verifying that we are the owner of the account by receiving an email or text message with a verification code, if we are one of the users who is sharing said profile, it can be taken as a kind of strike

We can skip the alert and choose to verify identity later, and even though that allows us to see content for a while, the message reappears and already even gives us the option to create a new account and subscribe individually.

But how does Netflix know that we are or are not the owner of the account? Well, it seems that, like Spotify or Apple Music and other subscription and streaming services, it will most likely analyze the location of the device or Smart TV where it starts playing and is connected to the internet. 

If it does not exactly match the GPS address that the main account is linked to, the service considers that something is wrong and decides to send the verification message. If you are regulars of streaming platforms, you will know that there is a great tradition on the part of users and groups of friends with that of shared passwords, group accounts, and expenses distributed among several.

To date, Netflix hadn’t bothered about it, and it didn’t matter whether the accounts were used by the original owners or by others . “In terms of password sharing, there are no plans to make changes there,” Reed Hastings , the platform’s chief executive, said in a statement to CNBC in 2016 . “Password sharing is something you have to learn to live with, because there is a lot of legitimate password sharing, like sharing with your spouse, with your children … so there is no clear line, and we are doing it. well as we are, “reaffirmed the same head of Netflix.

But times change, and Netflix is ​​supporting more restrictions and bans. The platform has confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that this new feature is real, although it is subject to testing, and that its sole purpose is to ensure that legitimate account users use it correctly and authorized, avoiding secondary profiles and unauthorized use.

limit of a single subscriber profile. Remember that other streaming platforms have been more restrictive from the beginning, with Amazon Prime, and HBO limiting playback to a maximum of 2 devices at the same time and a smaller number of profiles than Netflix.

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