Not Hugh Jackman, but this actor was originally cast as Wolverine until Tom Cruise forced him to quit the role

    published on: 20/04/2020 12:34 PM

    Hugh Jackman would forever be synonymous with the character Wolverine played on screen in the X-Men film franchise for 17 years, but it almost never came. Scottish actor Dagre Scott was the last-time replacement to replace Jackman after he was already fired.

    Scott had a filming mission: Impossible II and was about to jump on the X-Men soon after finishing the film, but due to production delays, M: I 2 got a push, and 20th Century Fox, which was on the success of X- The men, who were heavily dependent, could no longer wait for him and cast the relatively unknown Jackman as their replacement.

    A 2000 Variety report stated, “The shoot went on longer than expected and Scott lost for a few days to a shoulder injury.” Director Bryan Singer had Wolverine’s scenes escalated to a later date to accommodate Scott’s schedule, but it didn’t work. The report continued, “Even though the X-Men began production late last month, Fox was hoping until the last minute that Paramount would be able to give Scott a stop date for M: I: 2 so he could join the cast Could this week in Toronto. In the tornado casting change, Jackman’s deal was finalized late last week to fit him for his paws over the weekend. He will begin rehearsals and action choreography today.“

    Not Hugh Jackman, but this actor was originally cast as Wolverine until Tom Cruise forced him to quit the role

    Dagre Scott played the villain in Mission: Impossible II.

    In a recent interview to the Daily Telegraph, Scott blamed Tom Cruise. “Tom Cruise didn’t let me do it,” he said. “We were doing the mission: Impossible and that was like, to get you to stay and finish the film ‘And I said I will, but I will go and do the same. I can’t do whatever the reason they said. Could. He was a very powerful person. Others were doing everything to make it work. “

    In an interview to The Daily Beast, Jackman stated that he had auditioned for the part, but it was presented a full nine months later. “I actually got the part nine months after giving the first audition for it.” I only went back and auditioned again after being caught on Dagre’s Mission: Impossible II, so I had no idea who’s going for it nor did I expect to get it, “he said.

    There is nothing against Scott Jackman. “I liked what Hugh did with it,” he said. “He is a lovely boy.” The X-Men franchise, under Fox, is believed to have ended with X-Men: Dark Phoenix, in which the new mutant is obscure. The rights to the characters now belong to Disney, and the studio plans to introduce them to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jackman recently said in an interview that he had made his peace with the fact that another actor would soon play the role of Wolverine.

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