Passenger on Alliance Air’s Delhi-Ludhiana flight tests positive for Covid-19

    published on: 27/05/2020 4:08 PM

    Air India on Wednesday said a passenger that had been onboard an Alliance Air flight from the national capital to Ludhiana has tested positive for coronavirus and also a total of 41 people, including five team members, were quarantined.

    The flight has been worked May 25, when national flight agencies resumed after remaining rested for 2 weeks as a result of national lock down to reduce spreading of coronavirus infections.Alliance Air, which operates regional flights, is part of Air India.

    “A passenger travelling AI9I837 Delhi-Ludhiana flight of May 25 was found COVID positive on May 26. Each of the pax (passengers) of this flight are now under quarantine,” that an Air India spokesperson said.In addition, he said the airline is after all the norms laid down by the civil aviation and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).According to the spokesperson, you will find 3 6 passengers and five team members in the flight.

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