Rahul Gandhi says “India Lockdown is Failed”

In case lock-down isn’t a solution, why did a country governments imposed it at the first location, asked Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad into Rahul Gandhi, a day later Congress leader said the idea had failed to achieve its objective.”Rahul Gandhi earlier in the day stated that lock-down is not an answer against Covid-19. On the contrary, Punjab and Rajasthan imposed lockdowns at the oldest.

Do your CMs not hear you?” Rahul Gandhi, at his media conference on Tuesday, noticed there was one lock-down after a second but the coronavirus cases have been on the increase. The nation is at the fourth phase of lockdown, which will end on May 31.

The BJP leader said if the Congress leader comes with a new exit plan,”he needs to tell us”. Regulations minister added that he should “tell his chief ministers”.The minister highlighted that coronavirus has turned into a huge problem in 15 nations of the world whose total population is 142 crore, and it contains seen 3.43 lakh deaths till May 26.

Contrasting the problem with India, ” the minister said it had been the result of lockdown that India reported just 4,345 deaths.”India has a population of 137 crores and 4,345 people have died in our country. More than 64 million recoveries have been made. In addition, passing is unfortunate anywhere. Prime Minister has united the country through lock-down, it’s the result of the,” said Prasad.Even the minster accused Rahul Gandhi of”spreading negativity” and weakening the nation’s resolve against coronavirus.

“I can tell you five different ways by which Rahul Gandhi has tried to weaken the work of this country: Spreading negativity, working against the world in times of catastrophe, taking fictitious charge, saying something and doing something else, dispersing false facts and fictitious information,” said Prasad.Gandhi, at this press conference, voiced concern that India is the only country that’s relaxing the lockdown when the virus has been”exponentially rising”.

He explained in case the us government functions haphazardly and takes ad-hoc measures during the non-lockdown period, the united states will face a second wave of coronavirus which will be”extremely devastating”. He explained the prime minister who initially played the front has now gone to the rear foot as he is not seen.The BJP leader, however, worried that the”PM is acting on the front and also we can observe the results”.


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