Daughter of Ezekiel Atakusi GamonalRaquel Atatusi, Said on Tuesday that the leadership of Peru’s popular agricultural front (FREPAP) “It is in the hands of the Molina family” – the maternal side of her brother Ezekiel Jonah – and accused of “seizing the property” of the congregation set up by her father.

“They are Molina who are there and the institution should not be allowed to be as it should be. That is why it is divided. Molina was expelled before my father died, my father did not want to know anything about him because of his interest. He also liked my brother for his wealth, ”he said in an interview with ATV.

Raquel Atatusi He said that his brother Ezequiel “has been missing since 2018”.

“More than two years ago, my brother Ezekiel Johns is missing. I call and he doesn’t answer me, he doesn’t give me a reason. I am worried about what happened to my brother Jonah, they did not let me see him, they did not give me a reason when I go to the church of Cineguilla in Carabialo and I cannot find my brother. I do not know what happened to my brother, I want him to know so that the congregation is united, ”he said.

Freedom in Parliament

At another time, daughter of Ezekiel Atakusi Gamonal He said he is “concerned” with how Freep’s virtual congressmen would be managed. He assumed that the Molina family would “make the same mistakes.”

“If this continues, the image of the institute will be tarnished and it is a very sensitive issue,” he said.

When asked about the status of his brother, Juan Noe Atatusi, he said that he does not like to comment much on that matter because “he is sorry that he has come to that.” He questioned in that line, said to be an allegedly apocryphal document with his father’s heir.

“In this case, Juan Atatusi is taking up the issue in a normal way. He is neither an heir nor a general missionary, he implies that he wants to be an heir and is a general missionary. The document includes his Father’s signature is not there. Signature He said that Juan Atatusi is not my father’s signature.

Raqeel Atatusi condemned acts of corruption led by Freep NDC Politics

“I would like to present the original document to him, you cannot talk about the evidence with some copies. I don’t want to talk about Juan Atatusi because I am very sorry, I do not want to connect with that person because he wants the organization to Looking at it badly, so for many years he didn’t say what he was saying and now goes out to speak, “he laments.

It should be noted that in the last elections, Raquel Atatusi He nominated parliament with number 21 on the parliamentary list for Lima, the political party Podemos Peru. Earlier, he nominated Legislative in 2016 and in 2011 with Alliance for Progress and Win Peru respectively. In none of the three occasions did he obtain the necessary votes to be elected.