#RespectShakira: Why was a hashtag created in defense of the Colombian singer?

#RespectShakira: Why was a hashtag created in defense of the Colombian singer?

It became a trending topic on the eve of International Women’s Day. Here we tell you everything behind this hashtag about the Colombian singer

Hours before International Women’s Day began, the hashtag #RespectShakira had become a trending topic on Twitter. The Colombian singer had become a trend thanks to a campaign organized by her fans against the attacks and offenses issued by soccer fans against her.

As is known, Shakira and Gerard Pique have formed a family in which they have two children, Milan and Sasha. This union has brought happy episodes to the couple and some bitterness, especially thanks to soccer fans who do not miss the opportunity to insult the Colombian artist with offenses of a sexual and humiliating nature.

A few days ago, Football Club Barcelona lost to Paris Saint-Germain in the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. The French fans, far from being saddened by the 4-1 result, were more interested in expressing their repudiation of Barça and the famous defender’s partner.

Before the return match, which will take place this Wednesday, March 10, a large group of PSG fans held a demonstration carrying two banners against the azulgrana and the Colombian singer. The first read “Barcelona, ​​it’s not welcome”, while the second had a message   “Shakira a la Jonquera” .

La Jonquera is a Spanish town that borders France and is famous for having one of the most visited brothels by the French. It was estimated in 2018 that there was one prostitute for every 10 inhabitants. The place is so visited by the Gauls that the tricolor flag and their language is the one that predominates in those territories.

But this has not been the only insult that Shakira has received since she has been in a relationship with Piqué. In more than a decade that they have been together, soccer fans have done their thing by harassing the artist’s name in their demonstrations against Barca.

How can we forget when a group of RCD Espanyol fans brought an inflatable doll that they named after the Latin American artist. On that same occasion, they also exhibited banners with slogans such as ” Shakira belongs to everyone ” and ” Antonio de la Rúa, it all started with you ,” referring to the Colombian’s ex-partner and suggesting that this would be the supposed father of Shakira’s first child. .

It was these images that unleashed the anger of the singer’s fans, who organized themselves under the hashtag #RespectShakira asking for respect and a halt to the ” misogynistic and macho ” samples of the fans who are cruel to her figure when she does not have any participation in the game.

These were some of the statements on Twitter that accompanied the hashtag:

  • “Shakira is a woman who has fought tirelessly to vindicate the rights of the most disadvantaged, we totally reject degrading messages towards her and any woman #Respect Shakira”
  • “These attacks, not only from fans but also from the press, have been happening for the last 7 years and today was the straw that broke the camel’s back”
  • “We ask for respect for this artist who has fought so hard and is attacked every day with misogynistic insults for the simple fact of being a partner of a footballer”
  • “I can’t believe that in a team where only men play, insults are directed at ONE WOMAN”

So far, neither Shakira nor the father of her children has spoken out against the hashtag and/or the attacks on him on social networks and French squares.

Written by Isabella

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