Scandal for the videos that Instagram censored Noelia Marzol

The social network erased the audiovisual material before complaints of “inappropriate language” and **dity.

Instagram belongs to Facebook and the content policies tolerated by the social network commanded by Mark Zuckerberg are clear. It is for this reason that  Noelia Marzol  found herself in an awkward moment, after they censored a hot video from the promotion of  S*x Virtual , a play directed by  Jose Maria Muscari , in which according to followers she used “inappropriate language” , so he had to upload another video with greater care and released a release with an indignation tone.

The dancer went viral the last few hours by said video in which she explained about the comments that a woman receives when she publishes a sensual image where she exhibits her body. However, the way and the words he used to address that controversial subject matter, he received complaints on the network from several users who follow it on his personal account. 

However, I had to upload it with modifications and shot wryly. “Derecognised again the video  ! How sensitive are all when you do not want to hear anything  Imagine you are giving me a dreadful desire to keep quiet, so much so I just made a new version with suit and glasses, putting all the ‘p*ps’ on it. ” 

In order that the same thing does not happen again, Marzol modified his wardrobe, since he went from the intimate outfit to a blazer and pants and selected his words more carefully so as not to affect anyone.

Despite her change of attitude pushed by people and the subsequent elimination of her video in which Instagram was taught, the blonde, faithful to her frontal style, assured: “Keep fueling this desire to shut up and not say what I think. love it “ and after sharing the renewed version of the controversial video that left it in Trending Topic, he added:” I added concepts. So thanks for making me think a little more. Proof version of insecure, retrograde, square, of people who do not accept another way of thinking, of living. “

Finally, with great anger, she closed: “She’s going to be macho, I include women and men, people who don’t want to be honest with themselves, annoying people who don’t know what to do with their time. I totally and completely disagree with this version, anyway. “