Selena Gomez made a strong confession about her relationship with Justin Bieber: “I was a victim of emotional abuse”

    published on: 28/01/2020 1:46 AM

    Selena Gomez, said that she experienced “emotional abuse” during her relationship with singer Justin Bieber. “Living in a victim mentality is dangerous. And I’m not abusive, I think I was a victim of some abuses” Said, voicing “Lose You Love to Me” in a new interview with NPR Weekend Edition Sunday.

    In a candid conversation, the singer talked about growing up and overcoming the pain she felt when Bieber’s romance with her ended in March 2018.

    Gomez, 27, confessed that she suffered emotional abuse from her former partner and went: “I think it’s something that I had to find a way to understand as an adult. And I had to understand the choices I was making.”

    The pop star said she doesn’t want to “Spend the rest of my life talking about this“But it is” Really proud to be able to say that I am feeling strong. ” Gomez has had a major part of her heart attack in her new album “Rare”, which the singer said I felt that I needed to do this because “she did not get a respectable close.”

    “I accepted, but I know I need to say a few things that I want, “she explained, “Lose you to love me “It’s not a disgusting song”.

    “It’s a song that says: I had something beautiful and I will never deny that it wasn’t” she continued.”It was very difficult and I’m glad it’s over. And I felt that this is a great way to say that you know, it’s done, and I understand that, and I respect that, and now here I am entering another chapter. ”

    The artist continued to state that his simple number 1, “Lose You to Love Me”, helped him overcome that pain. “I’m so proud of him,” She said about the song. “It has a different meaning for me than when I wrote it. I felt that I did not get a respectful closure, and I had accepted it, but I know that I needed to say some things as I wished. “

    “You promised me the world and I fell in love with it / I put you first and you worshiped it / You set fire to my forest and burned it / In two months, you took our place. As It was easy / It makes me think I deserved it, ”Gomez sings in his song about his courtship with Bieber.

    Gomez and Bieber, 27, began dating in 2011 and finally separated in March 2018.

    Four months later, the “Sorry” singer began dating Halle Baldwin, whom she married in September 2018. The couple had a second religious wedding in September 2019.

    Gomez told NPR why she decided to talk more about his life because “people were already going to tell it for me.” Her candle about her health problems and her ups and downs, along with her battle against depression, is something that the singer made her take control of her life and address herself to ongoing rumors. “I have no choice now because of how fast everything is going. I want to be able to tell my story the way I want to tell it. “

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