Shaolo was caught cheating Gabi Brandt on a few occasions and went viral saying that he was ‘cool’

Family name Pontius Controversy turns the subject in the media. This time, Saulo and Gabi Brandt were the reason again, and the reason was confirmation that the two are no longer together. The news was first shared by Instagram Gossip of the Day.

Someone following the Poncio family routine on the social network may have noticed that the two have not behaved as a couple for a few months. If Gabby Brandt and Saulo had previously made a point of exposing relationships on social networks, today this does not seem to be an option.

Shaolo and Gabi Brandt end the marriage after discovering betrayal
Saulo and Gabi Brandt are no longer a couple (Photo: reproduction / Instagram)

This is because the two are not seen together in public and are also refraining from talking about the subject of marriage. Although this ending has been revealed, Gabby Brandt appears in the video on her Instagram Stories using an engagement ring. Saulo does not follow the same path.

While Gabby Brandt lives in the Poncio family home caring for the couple’s son, little Davy, Saulo lives in ballads around Brazil. A few months ago, he was seen walking with other women and did not try to hide that they lived the same life.

Shaolo and Gabi Brandt end the marriage after discovering betrayal

Saulo was seen in several cabins at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. An Internet user reported that during the singer’s passage through Sapucaí, she continued to see women. However, he made the news after being taboo when he was trying to enter one of the most popular places Famous of the avenue.

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