Sikra Jr. mentions Leo Santana and “Begging” for help in the past: “Call her”

    published on: 18/04/2020 5:47 AM

    Sikra Jr., Leo Santana, Lore Imperata
    Sikra Jr. appealed to Lore Imperata during a national alert and also mentioned Leo Santana (Photo: reproduction)

    Presenter Sikra Jr. asked Dancer to prepare a special choreography for one of his parodies played in National Alert.

    Sikra JuniorA stamped figure on television wants to play a new song for one of the songs he sings in the National Warning. This Friday, the 17th, the presenter also made an appeal Impor loreWas asking Gora to help him in the dance.

    The communicator, who usually performs some “performances” with his actors on stage, asked the audience to go to the muse’s social network to learn about him. “Call him and ask us to do a choreography? We are begging here.

    Sikra Jr. also mentioned Léo Santana and praised Lore Imperata on stage. “You do it with mastery. Do not hurt us Do not turn your eyes. Notice us What is a choreography for a girl with so much talent? “, Famous in the outbreak.

    But, of course, it was just another joke by him, mainly because of the musical content he wants to dance that is, in fact, used to commemorate the death of criminals. he said. He died. His problem! Better than me ”, says one of the excerpts.

    Sikra Junior
    Sikra Jr. has caused controversy on national television, but has already said that she will not be censored (Photo: Reveal / TV A Critica)

    Sikra Jr. takes viewers to RedTV! To surprise officials at another level and channel

    The presenter has been very successful at six o’clock. He has guaranteed great viewership in Ibop, threatening Jose Luiz Datena from the band. Despite the controversies they have yielded, the veteran has not worried the direction and has also said that, if they wanted to, they would be censored. Their contract guarantees complete freedom to express themselves and give opinions – even if controversial – on the news.

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