Singapore Election 2020 News Updates: People Votes For New Government Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

    published on: 10/07/2020 8:21 PM

    Elections were held for the new government amid Corona epidemic, voting time was extended by two hours dues to long lines, 81% of the people have voted so far

    • Prime Minister Lee Sen Loong’s party likely to return to power
    • 11 political parties entered the election, 21.59 lakh people voted till 5 pm

    Daily newspaper

    Singapore. General elections for the new government took place in Singapore on Friday amid the Corona epidemic. During this time, people came out of the houses to vote by wearing masks on their mouths and gloves in their hands. This election is also a test of Prime Minister Lee Sen Loong. It is expected that the party in power will return again.

    Voting time extended
    Voting began at eight in the morning. Voting was to take place by eight o’clock in the night, but now the time has been extended by two hours. People 65 years and above came to vote in the morning so that they had less contact with young voters. This led to long lines at polling stations and extended time. The Election Department also sought an apology for this.

    81 percent people voted till 5 pm
    The Election Department said that till 5 pm, around 21 lakh 59 thousand people had cast their votes. These constitute 81 percent of the registered voters. In view of the danger of corona, the number of polling stations has been increased from 880 to 1100. About 2400 people have to vote at each polling station.

    11 Parties in the field
    Eleven political parties, including the People’s Action Party (PAP) in power, have contested the elections. All parties were campaigning for the last 9 days. Prime Minister Lee announced to hold elections 10 months before the due date last month. Lee’s PAP party has won every election since 1950. However, in 2011 the party’s vote percentage fell to around 60%. The PAP has not given tickets to any Indian-origin candidate in this election. However, the opposition parties have fielded 12 such candidates.

    Lee Sen Loong is Prime Minister since 2004
    In Singapore, every citizen must vote. A total of 192 candidates from 11 parties have stood for 93 seats here. Lee Sen Loong is the Prime Minister of Singapore since 2004. His party PAP won 83 seats in the September 2015 elections. After this, the ‘Workers Party’ had won six seats. PM’s brother Li Sen Yang has recently joined the opposition party ‘Progress Singapore Party’. However, he is not contesting the election. There is a fight between the two brothers over property sharing. Lee’s father was the first Prime Minister of the country. He had been PM for 31 years.

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