Singer Yohan, K-Pop star with TST group, dies at 28

Sorce: (IG: yohanee0416)

This is the most recent death that impacts the music industry in South Korea.

The Korean singer Yohan, a member of the group of K-Pop TST, died at age 28.

For now, the cause of death has not been disclosed.

KJ Music Entertainment, the TST label, released a statement to confirm the death of the young man, whose real name was Kim Jeong-hwan.

“We are saddened to broadcast the most unfortunate and painful news. On June 16, TST member Yohan left this world. Yohan’s family is currently in mourning. ”

In the message, the company reported that Yohan’s family asked the media out of respect to refrain from publishing articles speculating on the cause of his death.

“We express our deepest condolences in light of Yohan’s final farewell,” KJ Music Entertainment added in its message.

According to local reports, the young man’s remains will be transferred to a cemetery in Yongin on June 18.

Source: (IG: yohanee0416)

Yohan rose to fame in 2015 first as a member of the NOM group. When that group dissolved, it entered TST (Top Secret), in 2017.

Just in January of this year TST had released their fourth single, titled Countdown, so the members of the group had a busy schedule promoting that theme.

Yohan’s last post on his Instagram account was made on May 31. “I want to travel,” he wrote to accompany a series of photographs where he was seen posing near the sea, with a series of buildings in the background.

Last April 16 Yohan turned 28 and on the same social network he shared a photograph in which he looked smiling while holding a cake in his hands.

“Thanks for the best birthday,” he wrote to accompany his post, which has been filled with messages from his followers mourning his death.

The deaths that have impacted the world of K-Pop

In recent months the K-Pop industry has been impacted with several deaths of young members of music groups.

In November 2019, singer Goo Hara was found dead in her home. She had been the victim of harsh attacks on social networks due to her romances.

Weeks earlier the singer Choi Jin-ri, known by the stage name of Sulli and a friend of Goo Hara, committed suicide. The bullying on social networks was brutal against her.

In the midst of K-Pop, where performers tend to take care of every aspect of their public image, Sulli was known for her controversies and her outspoken way of speaking. She was involved in controversy over not wearing a bra and posting pictures showing her nipples.

Her manner of being so open was also evident when she spoke of her social phobia and panic disorder, in the teaser of her reality show Jinri Store.

“Social phobia, panic disorder. .. I’ve had it since I was very young. There were times when close people, some of my close friends left me. People hurt me, so everything else fell apart. I didn’t feel like I had anyone on my side or someone who could understand me. So I completely fell apart. ”

Sulli, in turn, was close friends with another K-Pop star, Jonghyun, who committed suicide at age 27, in 2017.

South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world which, according to recent government figures, is among the leading causes of death for those under 40.


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