Sony confirm on the PS5 pre-order & takes away the fear of fans

Sony confirm on the PS5 pre-order & takes away the fear of fans
Sony confirm on the PS5 pre-order & takes away the fear of fans

Sony talks about the preorder phase in the Reveal Stream to the PS5 controller and takes away the fear of fans missing it.

During yesterday’s Summer Game Fest stream, the first PS5 gameplay with the DualSense was unveiled. Meanwhile, moderators Geoff Keighley and Eric Lempel, Vice President and Head of Worldwide Marketing & Consumer Experience at PlayStation not only talked about the controller but also about the pre-order phase of the PS5.

What Sony is saying about the PS5 preorder phase

Lempel does not disclose exactly when players can pre-order the PlayStation 5 in the stream, but at least he takes away the fear that the start of the preorder phase will happen slowly and surreptitiously (via DualShockers )

“I think for fans it can be said with certainty that we will let them know when a pre-order will be made. It will not happen by the way. At some point, we will let you know when you can pre-order PlayStation 5. So please don’t have that feeling that you have to storm out and queue up somewhere until you get an official announcement. “

Lempel therefore promises that fans will not miss the launch of the PS5 pre-orders.

At the same time, with his promise, he is referring to an alleged leak that led several players to believe that Sony would unveil the price and release date of the PS5 on July 13.

This hope was underpinned by Amazon itself: The retailer activated the info pages for PlayStation 5 in several countries on this day. Therefore, many fans thought that the pre-order phase of the PS5 would begin soon and then rushed to the pages of Amazon and many other online retailers, afraid that they would no longer be able to get anything.

Officially know about the release and price of the PlayStation 5

So far, Sony has only announced that the PS5 should appear in late 2020 . When Sony will unveil the specific release date is unclear.

The PlayStation makers are also silent about the price. According to Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki, the company plans to wait until Microsoft announces how much the Xbox Series X will cost by announcing the PS5 price. However, the latter has not yet happened.

The next major Xbox event will take place on July 23, 2020, but according to Microsoft, it will primarily be about first-party games. Whether the Xbox Series X Prize and release date will be revealed as part of this event is unlikely but not entirely excluded.

Sony’s PS5 event in June was also primarily about launch games, but ultimately Sony also unveiled the console’s design. Maybe Microsoft is rushing ahead and announcing the release date and cost factor of the Xbox Series X on July 23.