Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju said- there is little understanding of sports among people in India

Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju said- there is little understanding of sports among people in India

new Delhi: Emphasizing the need to create a sports culture, Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju said on Saturday that people in India and even some of their colleagues in the Parliament have limited understanding of sports. Rijiju was surprised that his colleagues felt that Olympics such as Jyoti Kumari, Kambala jockey Srinivas Gowda and Rameshwar Gurjar were likely to make headlines on social media.

Jyoti Kumari Covid-19 took her sick father from Gurugram to Bihar during the pandemic. It was claimed about Gowda of Karnataka that he completed the race in 100 meters in about 11 seconds.

At the launch of the ‘High Performance Leadership’ program organized by ELMS Sports Institute and Abhinav Bindra Institute, Rijiju said, “There is little knowledge in Indian society about sports. I do not want to degrade my Parliament colleagues, but they do not even know it.

The Union Minister said, “Everyone knows about cricket, the British people have put in our mind that the other team has to be defeated in the game. But apart from that, there is no knowledge, everybody just wants the gold medal. ”

In the month of May, 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari, sitting a sick father on a bicycle, traveled 1200 kilometers from Gurugram to her ancestral village in eight days. The Indian Cycle Federation offered him a trial, which Jyoti turned down. Regarding Jyoti, Rijiju said, “This girl took her father on a bicycle from Gurgaon (Gurugram) to Bihar in difficult circumstances born due to Covid-19.” It was a sad thing, but some of my colleagues imagined that she would win the gold medal for India in cycling. ”

He said, “See, the lack of knowledge forces people to think this way, without knowing what the bicycle formats are and what are the standards for winning the gold medal in the Olympics, nothing will happen by simply speaking.” ”

Earlier, the Gurjars of Gowda and Madhya Pradesh were also a social media sensation due to the race in the earthen fields, after which both of them were compared to Usrata Bolt, who won several gold medals at the Olympics. He was called for trial. Rijiju said, “There was a case in Karnataka also, there was a Srinivas in a bullock cart competition. People should not feel that we are not aware of the situation, so Sports Authority of India (SAI) called him for a trial.

The Sports Minister said, “I was told that he is not suitable for world-class runners, but it is not important. People started saying that we have found a person who is faster than Olympic champion Usain Bolt. We have to identify talent, but see the lack of understanding among people.

Emphasizing the lack of sports culture in the country, Rijiju said that to win more gold medals in the India Olympics, it is necessary to change the entire atmosphere about the sport. He said, “What has troubled me all these years was why we are not able to create a sports culture in India. Abhinav Bindra received gold in Beijing. Our hockey team won the gold medal in Moscow. It gives happiness but there is no collective effort for more such opportunities. ”

Rijiju said, “India certainly has a sports tradition but unfortunately we do not have a sports culture. It has been so many years since Bindra got gold. Luckily since the 1996 Olympics, we have been able to make it to the medal table so far, but it is not enough for a big country like India, “he said. Have to change that more such moments come. We cannot have only one or two icons (players), we cannot celebrate only one or two medals. ”

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