Sushant Singh Rajput Death: Sushant’s Twitter post removed? Police requested information from Twitter

    published on: 25/06/2020 11:59 AM

    The police investigates the suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

    In this case, many were interrogated, including his alleged girlfriend Riya Chakraborti, friend Siddhart Pitani and the last film of Sushanta Mukesh Chhabra, except for the servants and family members. After the final autopsy report, the possibility of any conspiracy has ended, but police suspect that some of Sushant’s Twitter posts have been deleted.

    According to Pinkville, police have requested details of Sushant’s Twitter post over the past six months. Sushant police is the cause of Sushant’s last post, which took place on December 27, 2019. He has no posts after that. That is why there is doubt whether the following posts have been deleted. To do this, the police sends an email to Twitter.

    Sushant committed suicide at his residence in Mumbai on June 14. He was cremated on June 15th. Sushant left behind a big question, why did he finally take this step? The absence of a suicide note also makes it difficult to answer this question. However, it turned out that over the past six months he suffered from depression, and his medications were also used for this.

    Police are also investigating the matter as a professional rival. To date, about 22 people have been questioned. Documents related to Sushant were also requested in some production workshops. Sushant’s first posthumous report states that the cause of death was asphyxiation. The same cause of death was confirmed in the final report, and no signs of conspiracy or evidence of external injuries were found.

    Meanwhile, his fans mourn the death of Sushant on social networks. At the same time, a CBI investigation is underway regarding his death.

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