The best widget apps for iOS 14

The best widget apps for iOS 14

Thanks to the latest update, iOS users can also enjoy widgets on the home screen. Some apps already offer this function.

With the update to iOS 14, Apple has again introduced some innovations this year. In addition to minor improvements that should make everyday iOS life more pleasant, some new features have also been introduced. Probably the most noticeable innovation are widgets, which can also be placed on the home screen. A function that is standard on Android has now found its way to Apple devices after more than a decade.

The new widgets come in three different sizes. Every developer can provide a variety of different widgets for their users here. In addition, there are now apps that allow you to create your own widgets.

Apple wouldn’t be Apple if the widgets didn’t also have to live with restrictions. Although we get more information on the screen thanks to the widgets, interaction is not allowed with them. Direct control of apps, for example to change the song or playlist, is therefore not possible. Widgets therefore primarily serve an informative purpose.


If you use Reddit on iOS, you can’t really avoid Apollo. The client, specially developed for the iPhone, has become one of the most popular apps in this area over the years. The app is developed by a single developer who regularly delivers new features and improvements. And the developer has also been offering widgets since day one.

For example, we can show topics from a single subreddit or view multiple subreddits at the same time. With the wallpaper feature, we can only show images that come from specialized subreddits. There is also a joke widget on which new jokes from r / Jokes are shown over and over again.

Apollo is available for free on iOS .

Carrot Weather

When it comes to weather apps, Carrot Weather is one of the absolute top applications in the App Store. The popular app is characterized in several ways. Probably the most unusual thing about Carrot Weather is the way it is treated.

The rowdy app insults us regularly when it tells us the current weather. But there is also a wide selection of data providers who offer a little more flexibility in weather forecasting. The new widgets from Carrot Weather are not only visually appealing but also informative and entertaining.

In addition to a simple temperature widget with free insults, we can also display the forecast for the next few days or even a weather radar, among other things. For the latter, however, a subscription must be purchased.

Carrot Weather is available for EUR 5.49 for iOS .


The Spark email app is best known for its intelligent mailbox management. Thanks to this, we get important e-mails pre-sorted with the help of artificial intelligence in order to get a better overview.

But design and operation also make Spark the first choice for many when it comes to mail clients. It goes without saying that the Readdle developers immediately took up the new widgets function. We have several productive widgets to choose from. In the smallest tile, we can simply display how many news or emails there are currently.

In the larger variants, however, we also see the contents of the latest e-mails and optionally get our next appointments displayed.

Spark is available for free on iOS .


The shortcuts app provided by Apple itself is still under the radar of most iOS users today. The extensive automation app has a lot to offer.

Anyone who has already dealt with the app a bit more and already uses one or the other shortcut on a regular basis can now save the shortcuts in their own widgets thanks to iOS 14. The tiles can be placed individually, in a pack of four or eight.

Whether to trigger a translation, to send our current location or to download videos, the shortcuts can now also be triggered via widgets.

Shortcuts is available for free on iOS .


A very special app in the area of ​​widgets is Widgy. The application specially developed for the new iOS feature offers us a lot of possibilities to create our own widgets. Widgey comes pretty much naked when it comes to widgets, we have to get creative ourselves to get widgets.

The app offers a kind of construction kit with which we can display the most important information in the format we want. The most important point in Widgy is most likely “Data” through which we put information into the widget.

Here we can, for example, display fitness data, the free iPhone memory, internal and external IP addresses and much more. Thanks to different fonts and design tools, we have hardly any limits when creating the widgets.

Widgy is available free of charge for iOS via Test flight.


The Widgetsmith app takes a similar approach. The application enables us to create individual widgets that are tailored to our needs. Widgetsmith is delivered with a set of predefined widgets, which can basically be seen from the start.

This includes weather and calendar widgets as well as small information boards about the position of the sun and time. We can adapt to the existing widgets, but we also have the option of creating completely new ones. The app provides us with a lot of tools for this. For example, we can display weather data, use photos, or use system numbers.

And Widgetsmith also provides a lot for the optics. Color, font, positioning and size can be changed according to our taste.

Widgetsmith is available for free on iOS .


Notes play an important role, especially on smartphones. Whether at home or at school or work, the smartphone as part of our memory needs a proper note-taking app. The Noted app tries to help us not only with intelligent features, but also productive widgets.

Noted is characterized primarily by the ability to combine notes with voice recordings. Every word we write is time stamped and can therefore be linked directly to the recorded voice. When it comes to widgets, Noted offers us the option of showing our latest recordings individually or in a list.

For extra-fast access, we also have the option of going directly from the widget to the recording function in the app.

Noted is available for free on iOS .

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