Last Friday, Amazon Prime released the first three episodes of the long-awaited second season of ” The Boys “. While “The Marvelous Ms. Maisel” is the most decorated original series on the platform at the moment, it should be noted that “The Boys” is the most popular and the flagship of the service. The show that quietly burst onto the scene has even surpassed heavyweight brands such as ” Stranger Things ” and ” The Mandalorian .”

But how does the success of ” The Boys ” compare to the other titles in the competition? Reelgood, a tracker that tracks every TV show and movie available online to its more than 2 million users in the United States, compared audience levels. In general, the number of people who watched the second season of The Boys in its first weekend exceeds that of ” Stranger Things ” 3 (Netflix) and ” The Mandalorian ” (Disney Plus).

The Boys becomes most popular on amazon prime creating competition for other series

The first three episodes of the second season of ” The Boys ” attracted 7.2% viewership relative to the 100 most-watched TV shows on Reelgood. “Stranger Things 3” had a mark of 5.8% and “The Mandalorian” 4.4%. Notably, all three series ranked first among the 100 most viewed shows during their debut.

The success of “The Boys” is not a great surprise, given the positive reception of the first season. Viewers were clearly excited about this new installment, and even, people had returned to consume the episodes of the first season, positioning the title in the seventh position of Amazon, according to the data analysis firm Parrot Analytics.

” The Boys ” is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians, and as revered as gods, abuse their extraordinary powers instead of using them for good. This presents a confrontation between a group of renegades against the super powerful, in order to expose the truth about them. The first four chapters are already available, while the rest will be released week by week on Fridays.