The Canadian report shows ISI flags using pro-Khalistan elements for terrorist incidents in India.

    published on: 10/07/2020 3:12 AM

    According to a new report, a case related to placing a Canadian Sikh on the no-fly list in the country for using Khalistan elements to conduct terrorist activities in India has now been linked to an alleged Pakistan-based conspiracy.

    The description emerged as two men – Bhagat Singh Brar and his business partner Parvkar Singh Dulai – were challenged to be blocked from air travel. As Stewart Bell reported in the Canadian outlet Global News, Berar was “promoting extremism, including radicalization of youth with the aim of achieving Khalistan independence; And attacks on planning and facilitation, including the purchase of weapons to carry out attacks in India, “according to supporting documents filed by Canadian security agencies, Public Safety Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the country’s Intelligence agency.

    Dulai was described as a “mastermind of terrorist-related activities” and has shown a tendency to join the Khalistani extremist organization.

    The report said Brar visited Pakistan in 2015 and collaborated with one Gurjit Singh Cheema to plan an attack in India. These documents alleged that Brar collected donations for gurdwaras and “feared to divert a major chunk of money for anti-India activities”. He was also associated with Pakistan’s intelligence service, ISI. Dalai has been described as a very vocal supporter of Khalistan.

    Brar visited Pakistan again in 2018 to meet his father, Lakhbir Singh Rode, nephew of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and founder of the banned International Sikh Youth Federation.

    To clarify, none of these allegations have been proved in any court nor Brar or Dulai have been charged with terrorism. Both have also denied the allegations contained in the Canadian security documents in the filings made by their lawyers in the case.

    Shuvalayoy Mazumdar, a senior fellow at the Ottawa-based Macdonald-Loire Institute, said Bell’s explosive article exposed the “depth” of how Pakistan’s intelligence operations position themselves as community brokers. “This is a national security story that affects not one, but two democracies, and should be taken as seriously as any other state worship of terrorism.”

    Officials at the High Commission of India in Ottawa declined to comment on the revelations. However, Indian officials said that New Delhi believes that this example reinforces their belief that Pakistan is involved in pro-Khalistan activities in Canada, including attempted terrorist attacks in India.

    Bhagat Singh Brar and Parvkar Singh Dulai are on the no-fly list to facilitate terror; Ex-soldier Lakhbir Singh is the son of Rode, the nephew of slain terrorist preacher Jarnail Singh Bhansali

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