The sequel to “Dirty Dancing” will not replace Patrick Swayze

    published on: 28/11/2020 9:56 AM

    Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in ‘Dirty Dancing’

    ‘Dirty Dancing’ will be the next film classic that returns to our lives with a highly anticipated sequel that has taken more than thirty years to materialize, as announced in August to confirm one of the worst kept secrets in the mecca of cinema.

    At the moment it is known that its former protagonist Jennifer Gray will return to the character of Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman, but the great unknown was what would happen to the role of the dance teacher Johnny Castle that Patrick Swayze played at the time.

    Unfortunately, the actor passed away in 2009 and his co-star has now wanted to make it clear that he will not be replaced by another interpreter. Instead, the sequel will bet on a new plot, which will be romantic and nostalgic in equal parts to satisfy the fans.

    “All I can say is that no one who is no longer with us will be replaced. It is never a good idea to try to repeat something that has been so magical. What you have to do is go in a different direction,” Jennifer said in statements to People.

    ‘Dirty Dancing’ has inspired several spin-offs over the years: Diego Luna starred in a remake set in Havana in 2004 in which Swayze himself appeared in a supporting role, and there is another from 2010 with Camilla Belle who moves the action to Brazil. However, none of them had a direct connection to the original.

    The sequel, which is expected to premiere sometime in 2021, is supposedly set in the 1990s, thirty years after Baby met and fell in love with Johnny while on a vacation at a family resort.

    The sequel to "Dirty Dancing" will not replace Patrick Swayze
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