After ‘Avengers Endgame’, a video of the special look of Marvel’s much-awaited superhero film ‘Black Widow’ has been launched. This video has been shared by India Marvel on its YouTube channel. In ‘Black Widow’, the untouched aspects of Agent Natasha’s life will be seen in detail for the first time. The video surfaced shows Natasha’s family facing enemies together.

The special look of 'Black Widow', reveals about Natasha's family

At the beginning of the special look video surfaced, Natasha is seen coming back to her house where she meets her sister. Natasha’s sister asks why she has come here after so long. To which Natasha says that she is running away. Special squad soldiers appear behind Natasha. Natasha’s sister is also a trained killer whose abilities appear to be similar to those of Natasha.

In the video, Natasha’s entire family comes out one by one. The purpose of this is to fulfill an old mission. In this video, the new world of ‘Widows’ is also seen, which Natasha describes as her new enemy. In this video, Natasha has a special dialogue in which she says that she will no longer run away from her past. In this film, Natasha is confronted by a powerful enemy who uses the shield to give a tough fight to Natasha.

The video appears to have an action topper status. The way Natasha looks at executing the fighting sequence with her family with bike and helicopter stunts does justice to the level of the ‘Avengers’ series.