Trump Appointed Amy Coney Barret as New Supreme Court Justice

Trump Appointed Amy Coney Barret as New Supreme Court Justice

He announced it last night. She will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

After several speculations about the possible replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Supreme Court of the United States, Donald Trump last night named his successor. The President of the United States confirmed the rumors that were spreading around the White House and appointed conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett as a new member of the Court of Justice. 

“Tonight, I have the honor of appointing one of the brightest and most gifted legal minds in the country to the Supreme Court,” declared the Republican president from the White House gardens. ” You will be fantastic,” Trump told the 48-year-old judge, standing next to him, before predicting that the Senate would quickly confirm his appointment. Barring a huge surprise, Barrett, a practicing Catholic who opposes abortion, will consolidate the conservative majority in the highest court of the country, reported AFP.

Trump Appointed Amy Coney Barret as New Supreme Court Justice

The presidential nomination could be approved quickly by the Senate, the Republican majority. According to the US press, the hearings will begin on October 12 and the vote could take place at the end of that month, days before the elections. “This is my third appointment,” said smiling President Trump, who is a single term will have had the opportunity to choose three of the nine members of the Supreme Court. 

A few minutes after the president’s announcement, Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden rejected the appointment of a new member of the Supreme Court before the November 3 election. ” The Senate should not rule on this vacancy (…) until the Americans have elected their next president and their next Congress,” he said in a statement.

Democratic protests

Trump was quick to initiate the process to fill the seat of Ginsburg, a progressive and feminist icon, in order to place the Supreme Court, whose members are for life, in a clearly conservative position, with six justices of that tendency compared to three. Democrats. The Democratic opposition claims that the one in charge of making such an important decision for American society should be the winner of the next election . 

The high court often rules on highly sensitive issues such as abortion, gun ownership, positive discrimination, or electoral disputes. For Senator Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, the appointment of Judge Barrett “would place the Court even further to the right ” and “would harm millions of Americans”, jeopardizing the health coverage adopted during the Democrat’s presidency. Barack Obama, Trump’s predecessor. 

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the leading human rights organization in the United States, also urged the Senate to postpone confirmation until after the new president is inaugurated on January 20. The judge’s appointment will no doubt be addressed in the first televised debate of the campaign between Biden, a favorite in the polls, and Trump. 

The election of Barrett, a mother of seven, known for her conservative stances, could boost the conservative religious electorate that Trump relied heavily on to get to the White House four years ago. Especially after the Supreme Court, despite theoretically having a majority of right-wing judges, inflicted several setbacks this year on the conservative side on issues such as abortion and the rights of young undocumented immigrants. 

“ACB” after “RBG” 

Amy Coney Barrett – “ACB,” as some US media nickname her – was already among Trump’s favorites for the Supreme Court in 2018, but the president ended up choosing Justice Brett Kavanaugh. ” I love America and I love the Constitution of the United States, ” Barrett declared in a short speech in which he paid tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

“She won the admiration of women across the country and around the world,” said the Trump candidate. A week after his death at age 87, Ginsburg received a final solemn tribute on the Capitol in Washington on Friday, in the presence of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The judge will be buried in an intimate ceremony next week at Arlington National Cemetery, near Washington.

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