Trump Threats – May Stop Some More Embassy of China; Jinping government said – the right answer to this action

The photo is from 14 February 2019. Then negotiations on trade deal between the US and China started in Beijing. However, a few months later, the two countries had differences over this.

  • Donald Trump US-China | President Donald Trump Said US Will Close Additional Chinese Diplomatic Missions In The United States.
  • The US has ordered the closure of China’s consulate in Houston by 4 pm on Friday
  • China dubbed America’s move as wrong and provoking, threatening counter-action

Tensions in the US and China are increasing. According to Donald Trump, the US can now close some of China’s diplomatic missions. The Trump Administration has ordered the Chinese consulate in Houston to close at 4 pm on Friday. The US alleges that some sensitive documents were burnt here on Tuesday night. On the other hand, China has termed the move as wrong and provocative. He said that he will soon respond to this action.

What did trump say
During a conversation with the media at the White House on Wednesday evening, Trump was questioned about China. He said, “As far as the closure of the consulate is concerned, we can do the same in other places in America.” Trump has previously accused China of not stopping the coronavirus epidemic. Trump said on Monday- China could have easily prevented the infection. However, he did not do so because he was plotting to take advantage of the helplessness of the world.

Now two consulates closed
After Houston, the US has also ordered closure of Chinese consulates in Texas. The US State Department issued a statement in this regard. A copy of the order has been sent to China. In the last few years, Chinese consulates have been found spying in America, the statement said. Apart from this, illegal things have been done. America cannot bear them.

China’s threat
China threatened the US retaliation after two consulates were closed. China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement – This step has been taken for political reasons. We condemn it. We will answer it appropriately. America should immediately withdraw its order. It is believed that China may close the US-based consulate in Wuhan. Wuhan is the city from which the coronavirus spread to the world.

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