Trump was admitted to a military medical facility

This was confirmed by the White House, where they assure that the president of the United States “will spend a few days” at the Walter Reed military medical center.

After testing positive for coronavirus, the president of the United States, Donald Trump , was transferred to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center , after presenting some symptoms that worried his health team. This confirms that the president will continue his quarantine there instead of the White House.

From the press team of the US presidency, they issued a statement that says: “President Trump remains in good spirits, has mild symptoms and has been working throughout the day. With the aim of abounding in caution, and on the recommendation of his team doctor, it was decided to transfer him to the Walter Reed Medical Center, where he will stay for a few days. Despite this, he will be able to continue his work from there. “

In this context, the president’s personal physician had spoken for the first time since the news broke that he was infected, explaining that a group of “experts” will examine President Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, and will issue a recommendation on the next steps to take, while he assured that so far only symptoms of fatigue have occurred, but that this did not take away his ” good spirits .”

On the other hand, the doctor said that Trump is being treated with a synthetic antibody cocktail developed by the pharmaceutical company Regeneron . He himself had begun to show good results to combat the disease, but there is no certainty that it is totally useful against the president.

It should be noted that the US newspaper New York Times reported that sources close to Trump saw him with a ” low fever, nasal congestion and a cough “, but without symptoms greater than those.

The news of the coronavirus infection of the president of the United States was released in the early hours of the morning of this Friday, October 2, through a tweet in which the president claims to be well and explained that both he and his wife had given positive .

Meanwhile, doctor Sean Conley , from the presidential health team, issued a statement in which he assured that the presidential family would remain in quarantine in the White House, while Trump could continue with his tasks without problems .

Before the same, different financial and banking entities of the North American country began to plan a panorama where Joe Biden, Democratic candidate for the presidency, won the elections.

“The fact that Trump contracted the coronavirus will increase the preparation of the institutional money for a Democratic White House and all the fiscal, commercial and budgetary consequences that it entails,” James McDonald , chief executive of Hercules Investments , wrote in a note , also adding: “We expect institutional investors to begin reducing portfolio risk and increasing hedging in preparation for market volatility .”

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Donald Trump and first lady Melania has coronavirus

Donald Trump and first lady Melania has coronavirus

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