Trump’s big statement on India-China dispute, said- ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mood is not good’

    published on: 29/05/2020 9:26 AM

    On the question of mediation between India and China, Trump said, “If they feel that my mediation will help them, then I would like to do so.”

    US President Donald Trump has given a statement on the ongoing deadlock between India and China. He said, ‘There is a big dispute going on between India and China, it is a dispute between 1.4 billion people and a very powerful military. India is not happy and it is possible that China is also not happy. I spoke to PM Modi, whatever is going on with China, he is not in a good mood on that.

    On the question of mediation between India and China, Trump said, “If they feel that my mediation will help them, then I would like to do so.”

    At the same time, the statement of Chinese media has also come out. China’s official media said on Thursday that China and India do not need the aid of the United States to resolve the current deadlock on the border.

    There has been no official response from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, but an article published in the official newspaper ‘Global Times’ said that both countries do not need President Trump’s assistance.

    It said, ‘India and China are able to resolve the recent dispute with bilateral talks. Both countries should be vigilant with the US, which is looking for an opportunity to spoil peace and harmony in the region.

    Prior to this, India has also rejected this proposal of America. Indian Foreign Ministry said, ‘We are in contact with China to resolve it peacefully. Both sides are holding talks at military and diplomatic levels.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman K Anurag Shrivastava said that Indian soldiers are following strict procedures laid down under bilateral agreements with China to resolve the issue. The Foreign Ministry said that our soldiers have taken a very responsible attitude towards border management. India, China have established mechanisms at the military and diplomatic levels to resolve border issues through dialogue.

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