UK Home Secretary Preeti Patel, daughter of shopkeepers, vows to tackle shop crime – World News

    published on: 07/07/2020 10:54 PM

    Home Secretary Preeti Patel on Tuesday recalled her background as the daughter of migrants from Uganda who ran shops after arriving in the UK and planned to crack down on abuse and violence by customers against workers in shops.

    The plans include guidance on crime reporting, strengthening and making full use of existing laws and improving data sharing between businesses and police. Theft of items valued at up to £ 200 from a shop being prosecuted as a criminal offense will be noted.

    Reacting to a consultation on the issue, Patel said: “As the daughter of shopkeepers, I know that they play an important role within our communities and how tireless they have worked during the coronovirus epidemic”.

    “I will not tolerate violence and abuse against any shopkeeper and it is right that the perpetrators of these crimes are caught and punished,” he said.

    The majority of about 3,500 individuals, businesses and other organizations involved in consulting believed that there was an increase in misbehavior with shop employees in recent years and a significant number said they did not report the incidents to police.

    Officials said respondents gave several examples of behavior they encountered in work; The most common is violence or abuse in the context of preventing shop theft. Other commonly cited issues include assault, or threat of assault, a weapon.

    Respondents stated that they were subject to antisocial behavior, usually committed by young people; Organized criminal activity by gangs or groups of individuals; Color difference; armed robbery; Criminal damage; sexual harassment; Spitting; cutting; And, acts of violence, or threatens to use violence, including using or threatening weapons.

    A large number of Asian immigrants set up shops – known as ‘Patel corner shops’ – decades after arriving in Britain, often racism. The character of most family-run shops has changed over the years, with the younger generation preferring other tones.

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