Uncensored Celia Lora: Noelia’s Style, she opened her website with exclusive content

Uncensored Celia Lora: Noelia's Style, she opened her website with exclusive content

With his nonchalant style and provocative attitude that characterizes it, Celia Lora The daughter of Mexican rocker Alex Lora revealed that she has already launched her website, where she can publish Exclusive and uncensored content, In addition to other services such as announcements and wishes will be spent.

Uncensored Celia Lora: Noelia's Style, she opened her website with exclusive content
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The model clarified that it has been working with a team of experts for some time to promote the page This will help in making connections with fans who ask for exclusive photos and videos without a cover.

” I have wanted to do this for a long time, but some people, friends of Acapulco, arrived and made it. Because doing so is motivating you to invest and with this, I stop anyone making screenshots and someone else does it for me. I upload photos and voila, but they are uncensored photos, “she confessed in an interview at the program Ventaneando.

The daughter of the singer of Tri de Mexico added to that newspaper Upload a different photo and take the opportunity to interact with your followers.

He also explained that this new website has a monetary purpose: “because then they say ‘send me a greeting’ and so I can reply that ‘you want a greeting, it costs so much on the page’, because They think I’m syphilis or what … that’s what we’re charging, “continued the model.

They mentioned that she likes to collaborate in the creation of his photoshoot concept.

On Twitter a few days ago they decided to open this website for social networks Do not censor her before her leak photos.

Celia said that her uninhabited personality is due to the freedom given to her by her parents: “It has a lot to do with the parents who touched me, who let me be who I wanted to be. They did not impose anything on me and so I feel that I am the way I am.

she insists that she has always seen her parents’ artistic works in general, so it was no surprise to her when she did not attend his festivals or important events at school.

Even a few days ago when she said what she does not want children, very little emotional partner, Because this is something you do not need to be happy.

In a recent interview with the program the sun rises, From the Image series, Celia was honest about the decisions she made for her life.

” I’m dying, I don’t know, I know very clearly, Zafo, no,” he replied at the prospect of being a mother, and explained how he had seen how, in his close circle, the people whose children were. They are not happy.

She said: “I have already decided that having a boyfriend is not for me, it gives me a cry (laziness), I don’t have patience, if my mother gets tired of writing messages to me, now a man No … I don’t have patience I’m disappointed. “

Celia Lora has posed twice for Playboy magazine And also took part in a reality show of this franchise to find a new playmate.

she also joined the cast of Acapulco Shore 6, where he saw many fights, reunions, and nude scenes.

In 2010, spent a few months in imprisonment after causing the death of a man he finished up driving under the influence of alcohol.

Noelia and she enter the p ** n world

Singer Noelia began promoting her erotic content for a year. Your pages and unique videos are promoted in your social networks where they have a great impact.

Access to your adult content It costs USD 59.95, With this cost, Your content can already be accessed.

The businessman also showed interest in adult training and opened it “Noelia’s Cabaret Pampas”, Its new store focuses on the Hispanic industry in the USA.

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