US asks China to shut down Houston Consulate in 72 hours; Burn sensitive documents

Some documents were burnt on Tuesday night at the same Chinese consulate in Houston. The Trump Administration has asked China to close the consulate by 4 pm (local time) on Friday evening. (File)

  • It is not yet clear what kind of documents were burned in the consulate.
  • People living around the consulate had informed the police and the fire department about the incident

The relationship between the United States and China has been going through very harsh times. Thousands of documents were lit at the Houston-based Chinese Consulate on Tuesday night. Hours later, the US asked China to close the consulate within 72 hours. This was informed by China’s official newspaper Global Times. The editor of the newspaper called it insanity.

What happened in the consulate
On Tuesday night around 8 pm (local time), flames and smoke were seen in the rear of Houston’s Chinese Consulate. People in the vicinity gave this information to the police and fire department. Their teams reached the spot in a few minutes. However, they were not allowed inside. After some time, the fire calmed down.

What did the video show
A person living in a building near the consulate made a video of the incident from above. It is clear that documents are being brought in the fibers of fiber. They are being set on fire. Shortly thereafter, the police and fire department teams arrive here. People living close also come. No one is allowed inside. The Consulate also does not provide any information about this.

What is doubt
Social media is being suspected that these were sensitive documents, so they were burnt. In view of the bitter relations between the two countries and the antics of the Chinese government, there may be truth in these allegations. If the fire was accidentally also, why was the fire department team not allowed inside to extinguish it. The US also took a tough stance. Ordered China to close the consulate in 72 hours. The consulate will have to be closed by 4 pm on Friday evening.

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