Video feature will come in Instagram thread app, know how it will work

The social networking site Instagram is constantly updating new features. In such a situation, Instagram is now preparing to add some new features to its messaging app thread. This will be a kind of video note feature, in which users will be able to convert their audio into video. 

With the help of this app, users can share stories, messages, videos, status, etc. with their close friends or a small group. The number of users on Instagram is increasing rapidly. Instagram is considered a very special app for taking pictures on social media.

Mobile developer and leaker Alessandro tweeted in a tweet saying, Instagram is working on a new feature video note of the Thread App. This feature will convert the audio of the video into a live caption that will be shown along with the recording. 

It is being told that for users who have difficulty hearing, this feature can prove to be extremely helpful for them. Through this feature, users will be able to understand what their partners want to say to them. After which they will be able to give their answer easily.

Instagram launched Treads App in October 2019. Thread app will get three core component camera, inbox and states screen. Please tell that a direct message can be done in Instagram’s inbox. But this message is limited to only close friends, while the status screen allows users to create status and then tells Instagram how long it should be visible. Twitter has also recently started introducing audio tweets on iOS.

How to use

According to the blog, users have to open Tweet composer and tap on wavelengths with new icons. After this, users will see the profile photo in the bottom with the record button. After this, voice can be recorded by tapping on it


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