Viral cosplay of the snake princess Boa Hancock appears

snake princess Boa Hancock
snake princess Boa Hancock

The legendary shonen anime One Piece receives a beautiful cosplay from Boa Hankock on Twitter and fans are quick to praise the final results.

One Piece is neck deep in the War for Wano in the anime franchise created by Eiichiro Oda , with the Straw Hat Pirates fighting Kaido and his Beast Pirates and while she might not be present at the recent battle, Boa Hancock it’s still getting a lot of attention in the cosplay world.

With the chapters of the manga plunging headlong into the isolated nation and the war ravaging the countryside, it’s clear that the world of Grand Line will never be the same once the smoke clears and a victor is finally chosen.

Twitter cosplayer Negraitta TG shared this stunning take on the Snake Princess, which has a deep history within the One Piece shonen franchise. Trendoversy invites you to view the beautiful cosplay below:

About Boa Hancock in the anime One Piece

Boa Hancock is an exceptionally unique character on the One Piece roster, primarily due to her boundless love for Monkey D. Luffy , which is ironically unrequited.

Hancock is sometimes known as the “Snake Princess” and has the power to turn men, or anyone who looks up to her, to stone. Luffy is immune to this power as he does not have any feelings of love for Hancock, which is ironic considering that almost all male pirates Boa comes into contact with fall madly in love with her.

While fans keep their fingers crossed that Monkey and Boa will eventually end up together, it doesn’t seem like this will happen anytime soon. The last time we saw Hancock in the One Piece franchise, we witnessed his reaction to the abolition of the “Seven Warlords of the Sea.” What do you think of the cosplay created by Negraitta TG?

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