What are the medicinal properties of garlic?

    published on: 15/09/2020 3:16 PM

    This ingredient is considered a true jewel for health due to its curative and culinary properties

    Although for many its smell or the bad breath that it can cause make it unpleasant, garlic is seen by many health specialists as one of the healthiest foods, even considered an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet because it has been used since times remote. 

    It is known that both the Egyptians and the Greeks used it frequently in ancient times. In fact, the latter always praised their properties culinary and medicinal, review them here seek to highlight the importance that still maintains today.

    The garlic can be considered an excellent alternative to the use of drugs, since this comprises alliin one antioxidant components rich in sulfur. In addition to becoming allicin, responsible for its unmistakable smell. And this in turn is transformed into other sulfur compounds with therapeutic properties that are very interesting for the body.

    What are its main medicinal properties?

    • The garlic is an excellent ally against infections because it is the best antiseptic and antibiotic natural that there
    • This ingredient also helps as a cleanser because it helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Besides that, it is decisive for the regeneration of the intestinal flora.
    • Helps blood circulation thanks to its anticoagulant power 
    • Decreases fever considerably
    • Lows the level of fat in the blood by a high percentage, specifical cholesterol. It also works to protect the heart and arteries. 
    • Improves or strengthens the body’s defenses
    • Garlic is essential in the diet of hypertensive people thanks to its normalization of high blood pressure levels. In the specific case of atherosclerosis or hypertension, it is advisable to eat three teeth a day. If you want to avoid the smell that it leaves, you can consume the capsules that present it commercially. 
    • It is very effective in treating stomach infections
    • Being an expectorant it is also very important in people suffering from respiratory diseases such as acute bronchitis or asthma. 
    • It is a great antioxidant 
    • Helps regulate high glucose levels in the blood
    • It is rich in iodine, so it is very effective in cases of hypothyroidism 
    • It has important anti-cancer effects
    • Increases the longevity of people. Consuming raw garlic daily helps prevent the debilitating effects of aging and other disorders associated with advanced age
    • It is an effective anti-wart due to its virucidal power 

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