Whatsapp: how to create new memojis if you have Android

    published on: 28/09/2020 2:14 PM

    WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the world due to the possibilities it offers to its users when choosing to send a message. Among the favorite tools are the funny emojis.

    From hearts, mates, birthday cakes, retro technology to faces with different expressions are some of the variants that we can find in the list of emojis, to make our conversations more fun.

    WhatsApp recently launched a new tool that allows users to create a personalized emoji with the factions of the user’s face for users whose operating system is IOS.

    The name of this option is memoji and among the tools to customize are the color of eyes and skin, the type of hair and the feeling you need it to express.

    For those who have Android as their operating system, there is a way to also enjoy this new WhatsApp function. The Zepeto application can be downloaded from Google Play for free and from there it offers us the possibility of creating our memoji and then using it on WhatsApp.

    The way to use it is very simple and consists in the first instance taking a selfie of our face. There the application will perform a scan and then create the figure of the memoji based on the registered information of our photo.

    Then in the menu it will offer us a series of tools that allow us to make changes such as placing accessories, adding a clothing, choosing the type of facial expression or a special hairstyle.

    After leaving our memoji ready, we export it and in this way, it will be ready to be used in WhatsApp or also in other messaging applications. Another option is to be able to apply it as a profile photo of a social network such as Facebook or our email.

    Whatsapp: how to create new memojis if you have Android
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