Wuhan Coronavirus | China | 2019-nCoV | Beijing fined pharmacy with 400,000 euros of pneumonia

    published on: 29/01/2020 8:10 AM

    Beijing [EFE]. Municipal corporation Beijing China, Today announced a fine of 3 million yuan ($ 433,000, 393,000 euros) at the city pharmacy for multiplying six times the selling price of N95 masks Corona.

    Office of market supervision Beijing He told on his official website that since last 23 he has received a total of 31 complaints about improper prices of contagion protection items, and has announced the fine to one of the pharmacy chain establishments. Beijing Jimin Kangtai

    In Chinese Coronavirus: Results expected in 40 days for the potential vaccine in China

    According to the local newspaper Beijing News, that the pharmacy was selling boxes of ten units of N95 masks – recommended preventing infection – at 850 yuan (123 dollars, 111 euros), when its price on the Internet is about 143 yuan (21 dollars, 19 euros).

    This means that Feng Apacheri, located in the Fengtai district (southwest of the capital), did not open its doors today.

    The office said in its statement that it has been focusing its efforts for the past few days to prevent businesses from taking advantage of high demand to avoid pressure. Corona To increase their prices in a very high way.

    According to local regulations, the fine is the maximum that can be levied in such a case and may result in the suspension of a license to operate the business.

    In other provinces, such as Zhejiang (East), Shandong (East) or Gansu (Center), measures are being taken to guarantee the supply of goods necessary for the prevention of contagion, while persecuting those who keep their prices Let’s shoot highly.

    In Tianjin (North), one of China’s largest cities, another pharmacy was fined 3 million yuan for selling masks for a price ten times higher than normal, while in Yiwu (East), Five people were arrested for selling contraband masks of the country’s leading, 3M brand, one of the main centers.

    A week ago, popular e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Suning, or Pinduoduo banned vendors who work with products such as masks, disinfectants, or thermometers in August.

    Along the way, investors have seen a business opportunity in mask makers such as Tianjin TEDA, which has increased its price on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange by nearly 40 percent since last January 17.

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